Privacy policy

EXPO/SURE attaches great importance to your privacy. In the following privacy policy you can read how we collect and store your personal data and what we use them for.

Personal data: which data are we talking about?

Legally, we are talking about data and information of an ‘identified or identifiable natural person’. This can range from your name and contact details to a photograph, code, bank account number or other type of personal information.

Note: the concept of personal data is broader than just data from the private sphere. Data of a professional or public nature are also included.

In addition to data from natural persons, personal data may also be collected from legal entities or associations.

Why do we collect this data?

Your personal details allow us to tailor our services to your needs and wishes. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to share useful information with you in an easy way.

Is it compulsory to leave personal details?

No, it is not. You have the complete freedom to decide whether or not to share your personal data with us. If you decide not to do so, there is a chance that our communication with you will be a little more difficult than usual.

Do you prefer to unsubscribe?

At the bottom of every communication we send out, we will give you the opportunity to unsubscribe from future communications.

Do we share this data with third parties?

Again, no, but we make a small note of this. We keep personal data primarily to ourselves, but there are two exceptions:

* Mailchimp, a marketing platform we use to provide direct mailings in a smooth and beautiful way.
* Eventix, an event technology platform that we use to make ticketing pleasant.

Mailchimp and Eventix in turn guarantee that your data are handled in accordance with the Safe Harbour Principles, which means that the processing method complies with Belgian and European legislation on the protection of privacy.

How do we collect personal data?

Personal data is collected in different ways: by visiting our website and subscribing to our newsletter, becoming an EXPO/SURE customer or contacting us.

What information do we collect exactly?

Our collection is limited to:

– Contact and identification data: mail address, name and first name.
– Cookies.
– During the event: camera images recorded in function of security.
– IP data when visiting our website.

Who is responsible for the processing?

EXPO/SURE is responsible for the processing and will only process your personal data for the aforementioned specific service and security purposes.

What happens when your rights are violated?

If you believe that EXPO/SURE has violated your right to privacy, you can contact us in the first instance by e-mail. We will do our utmost to rectify the alleged violation. If a mutual settlement is not possible, you can contact the privacy commission for more information.